Lessons from World’s Greatest thinkers

Such great insight!

Coach yourself to your potential!

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and have a conversation with one of the greatest minds in history? Well, you can’t sorry, they’re dead. Unless of course you’re clairaudient, be my guest. But for the rest of us, we can still refer to the words they left behind.

Even though these great teachers have passed on, their words still live, and in them their wisdom. I’ve made a list of seven what I believe are some of the greatest teachings by the world’s greatest minds.

1. Realizing Your Dreams

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
– Lawrence J. Peter

In order for us to achieve our dreams, we must have a vision of our goals. Writing down our dreams and creating a list of actions helps us stick to our plan. As it’s said “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”…

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You Blow My Mind

you_blow_my_mind_by_jo_tyea-d6sjoqmYou blow my mind. Yes, you blow my mind
A beauty like yours….A face like yours….It’s breathtaking
Your smile, your laugh, your giggle….It’s mesmerizing
Your eyes…as beautiful as the sunrise….when I see you it’s like I’m baptized…I get renewed..
So yes….You blow my mind
You hug me….I get a tingling sensation
You kiss me…I get a dose of sedation
I smell you….it’s like a rose plantation
I crave you….I thirst for you….I yearn for you….get that…I hunger for you!
You talk and I hear you…..
Like a harp being played….Like a melody in tune…Like a beat to the groove
I gaze as you move….
Such beauty that God definitely approved!
So yes….You blow my mind!
I think of you and I dream
My love, my world, my queen so supreme
So divine…The one I call mine…
Oh she blows my mind….
I cant even define…
She’s so fine….not just by design….but deep down to the spine….down to the core…she had me down on the floor….longing for more….she has my heart for sure!
I tell you….she blows my mind!
Forget love stoned ….I’m love blind
Wishing I could go back in time and rewind
To have met her earlier and get our souls intertwined….
But let me not lament
I’m in love with the present….I’m all in 100 percent….I’m with you to the fullest extent….
Because you know what…
You blow my mind cause you’re my heaven sent!


It Gets Better….

This has indeed been an awful month for me. It has been a month in which I have experienced numerous lows and drawbacks and somewhat ended up being depressed and stressed. However, it is during this dark spell that I learnt invaluable knowledge and information that I very much needed and that which will come in handy to the future version of me.

For starters, I have learnt not to let negativity and the bad side of people not to get the best out of me. Your heart and your mind are like a remote. They switch the different channels on your everyday life and so you get to choose which channel you want to stay tuned to. Bearing that in mind, I have learnt not to let negativity, bitterness, meanness of others to ruin your happiness and your positive vibes. Place emphasis on the positive aspects of life and do not dare let any individual to take control of your happiness. I know, it is easier said and done, trust me, I have learnt the hard way, but the good news, scratch that, the great news is that it is possible. You are in control and so take control of your happiness.

Bearing that in mind, another aspect that has been quite vivid this past month is that you cannot control everything and therefore you ought not to waste your precious time and energy making an attempt to make everything right and being in control. However, there is one thing that you are in total control of, YOUR ATTITUDE. The manner in which you perceive yourself as well as the things surrounding you is pretty much how you will most likely end up. If you think you won’t make it, then chances are that you actually won’t. And so irrespective of the trying times and the aspects that seem impossible, have a positive attitude, have inner peace, try your best and then let the rest of the pieces come together. Even if it doesn’t work out, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did your utmost best.

Let me mention one last thing before this turns into an essay. EXPECTATIONS…Get rid of that. Several people might disagree with this but I personally do not believe that you should love people completely for who they are. For real though, so if you’re a murderer I’m just supposed to say, “Oh heeey buddy, you killed two guys? Attaboy, come get a hug!” No, no way! However, I do believe in seeing the good side of people. But it is important not to always expect people to be good. Lesson well learnt this month. People lie, cheat, and go behind your back. So when you let such instances get the best of you, trust me, it will kill you. You have got to just let go and let live. When you let go of needing others to live according to your “right” way, you realize how others respond is simply a projection of their reality.

I read a certain quote someone that I really loved…

It says, “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, (and may not follow through), you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”

It gets better…There is a rainbow after the storm. Always look for the positive even when everything seems negative and life will feel and seem better.

Once again, my name is Jay Kamwetu and I approve this message. With that being said, I bid you adieu….for now!

Goodbye (sucky) November….Hello December!



If there are words for HIM, then I don’t have them


Have you heard Kari Jobe’s song called Forever? If you haven’t, first of all, smack yourself on the head…tihihi..then I recommend that you quickly get on to YouTube or iTunes and watch/listen to it. It is easily one of the best worship songs I know. It takes you to a place….you know…that place where you can feel the presence of the Lord upon you. But one of the best things about this song is the Spoken word done by Isaac Wimberley in the middle of the song. Oh my word…he completely kills it.
I mean…Isaac’s words…which are HIS words are just sharper than a double edged sword. The poem basically talks about how our brains and our imaginations CANNOT and will NEVER fathom how MAJESTIC our Lord is to the point that we can fully describe him. And so, we just use words…we use words as a way of worship.
Here is a sneak peek of it:

If there are words for Him, then I don’t have them
You see my brain has not yet reached a point where it could form a thought that it could adequately describe the greatness of my God

And my lungs have not yet developed the ability to release a breath of enough agility to breathe out the greatness of his love

And my voice, you see my voice is so inhibited, restrained by human limits to even sing His praise of

If there are words for Him, I don’t have them

My God, His Grace is remarkable

Mercies are innumerable,

Strength is impenetrable

He is honorable, accountable, and favorable

He is unsearchable yet knowable

Indefinable yet approachable

Indescribable yet personal

He is beyond comprehension

Further than imagination

Constant to generations

King to generations

But if there are words for Him, then I don’t have them


You see my words are few

And to try to capture the one true God using my vocabulary would not do

But I use words as an expression

An expression of worship to a savior

A savior who is both worthy and deserving of my praise
So I use words….

 T-total AMAZING right? And that’s just a bit of it. If you still haven’t watched it by now, what are you waiting for? Get on it.

Indeed the Lord is risen and He will forever reign. 
One final breath He gave
As Heaven looked away
The Son of God was laid in darkness
A battle in the grave
The war on death was waged
The power of hell forever broken

With Power and Majesty
Dominion Authority
HE Reigns

Be blessed good people…God Bless!!!


Changing your “GOT TO” to “GET TO”

John 10: 27. It says my sheep hear my voice, and they know me and they follow me. And they will not follow the voice of another.

This begs the question, how many of us are quick to follow that other voice.

In order to know a voice, you have to hear it on more than one occasion. You know, for instance, have you ever had one of those phone calls where someone calls you and you don’t know them and they ask you to guess from their voice and you don’t know? I think that is what we do more often with God. We do it way easily with God. We get too busy for God.

We follow and listen to earthly voices more than we listen and follow God’s voice. Like when we our friends call us for an event on Sunday, we feel bad and turn them down saying “I got to go to church” like it’s something you’re forced to. Instead we should say “I get to go to church” coz you get to be in His presence and get to worship.
And so today, I pray that your GOT TO changes to GET TO.
And you will never battle following that other voice 


A Letter to My Future Wife


Dear Future Wife,

Hey beautiful, so this week you’ve really been on my mind a lot. I tend to find myself thinking about you, probably because last week my grandma insisted that I should settle down and marry. See how eager we all are to meet you?

It’s got me thinking of where you are, what you are doing and what you love. Thinking of how I’ll be dumbfounded when you smile and giggle (I bet you have a cute chuckle). To be honest, of late I’ve been pretty lonely (Yes, I admit it, I feel alone of late, especially when my best friend, you’ll love her, keeps telling me about her perfect relationship). So I usually drift and think of how we’ll be together eating Krackles. Oh you will have to love Krackles. I will make you love them.

It sucks that you are not here already but I figured I’d write this letter to you, wherever you are to reassure you that I cannot wait for you to get here and let you know what’s been going on in my life.

For starters I’ve been trying to be a better man. I’ve been letting God Tailor make me to be inch perfect for you. Despite faulting here and there, I’m letting him transform me to be much better, stronger and wiser.

Things have been picking up quite well; I’m not exactly where I anticipated being in life right now, but it’s gotten better and better. I feel like a new me, as though fate is finally pursuing me. I feel as if my stars are finally aligning (sounds cliché and all but I really do).

I hope you won’t get deterred away when you meet me. I’m pretty much of a dumbass and I kid around a lot with my geeky side but I assure you I am worth it. I am worth the wait. I should warn you early, you will have a hard time convincing my mum, she’s a toughie, but she’s cool people am sure you’ll love her. It takes a while to crack her, but once you do, you will enjoy her crazy funny side. Dad on the other hand is always cool and calm; I bet you’ll get along great with him. My siblings are just the best. You will adore them. They are my rock; they’ve made me who I am today.

I can’t wait to meet your family as well. I hope your dad isn’t a tough one. He won’t give me a hard time will he? I’m short, he better not manhandle me…lol… You better have my back at that point. 

I can’t wait to be involved with you. Love the lady that you are and keep on falling in love with the amazing lady that you have the potential to be. Sharing your dreams with me, and telling me all your secrets and your flaws you don’t even have to tell me because I will love them too. I promise that I will embrace you and your imperfections.

I reflect on how I haven’t met you yet, I’m sure you’re somewhere out there getting your life in order as well.
So in the meantime, I will keep on preparing and building myself to be the right man for you. And if I have met you already, I pray that you think am worth it all.

P.S I am a wild roller coaster (in a good way). I bet we’ll have lots of fun together. And I’m usually not this cheesy but for you, aah what the heck.

I’m sorry, I just lied to you. I am cheesy. Very cheesy. Better start getting used to it.

I will give you an update soon.

I am here, patiently waiting. 


Jay, Your Future Husband.